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Anahita Golf and SPA Resort “Signature Massages”

Anahita Golf and SPA Resort is one of the most luxurious Mauritius hotels providing world-class massage services. The 5-star hotel features a tea themed design complete with 8 single rooms and 1 double treatment room, a serene garden area, steam room, manicure and pedicure spaces, and both interior and exterior showers.

To give you the best spa experience in Mauritius, the hotel provides a wide range of high-quality signature massages, facials, and full body treatments.

Here are some of the key signature massages provided at the Anahita Golf and SPA Resort:

  • Ocean Prana Massage

This is a relaxing 90-minute massage that involves vigorous yet comfortable stroking and kneading movements to provide relief from pain, numbness, and pain. The treatment is completed with a tea ceremony for additional relaxation and pleasure.

  • After The Green Massage

This is another powerful 90 minutes deep rhythmic massage that focuses on the back and leg muscles. Enjoy slow relaxation on your skin and muscles after a hard day. The leisurely therapy will boost your overall well-being.

  • Mother-To-Be Massage

The mother-to-be massage is tailored to soothe and pamper a pregnant woman on different parts of the belly. It is a 90-minute soothing therapy done without the use of essential oils.

  • Slimming Massage

This is an hour-long treatment that aims at helping you lose weight and have a healthy slim figure. The treatment begins with a lymphatic massage on your legs through tapping and rolling movements and ends with toning and detoxification of the skin using gentle suction pads. The goal of this therapy is to reduce the appearance of cellulite and fluid retention in the legs and stomach. Enjoy a gentle half hour Nepalese-style tea exfoliation as a recommended additional treatment. 

  • Holistic Massages

Clients can also enjoy 90 minutes of the holistic massage which focuses on the whole body to promote physical and mental well-being. The treatment promotes better exchange of blood and provides a soothing deep-tissue relaxation.

As one of the top 5-star Mauritius hotels, Anahita Golf and SPA Resort provides a wide array of other health and relaxation services such as golf workshop, massage therapy and detox treatment among others. Click here to learn more about our luxurious relaxation therapies.     


Personnalisez votre séjour à Anahita Golf & Spa Resort avec les services sur mesure qui correspond le mieux à vos besoins pour un moment inoubliable.


Anahita Golf & Spa Resort vous offre une expérience golfique unique: celle d’avoir la liberté de choisir entre 2 parcours 18 trous d’exception dont l’Anahita et l’ile aux cerfs